What is Junkfind?

Junkfind is an application that helps you see what is taking up space on your disk.

What is the difference between Junkfind and other disk analysis tools?

From what I've seen so far, these features are uncommon in other similar tools:

Is it free?

Yes. It used to cost money, but since January 2009 it is free.

What is Java webstart?

Java webstart is the technology I use to deliver this application. It enables you to trigger Junkfind from a web page, to add shortcuts to your desktop, to automatically upgrade to new versions, etc. More info at http://www.java.com.

Do I have to use Java webstart to run Junkfind?

No. See the run it page.

When I run it a dialog warns me that the application is requesting unrestricted access to my machine

Junkfind needs to access your disk in order to count the file sizes. No files are opened, modified, copied, or anything. It only checks the file sizes! There is one exception - if you explicitly ask Junkfind to delete a directory, it will do that but only after displaying a very clear warning popup.

Java webstart has a security model which includes notifying the user when applications require access to the local system. But then if you think about it, whenever you download and run anything you are giving full access to your system. Java webstart is just polite enough to remind you of the fact...

Who created Junkfind and maintains it now?

Henrik Kniberg